Comparative essay – peculiarities

Arts vs. science essay refers to the comparative essay type. This type of essay is often assigned to students to develop their critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and structured writing. The compare and contrast essay is designed to find and argue the similarities and differences between two or more subjects. This essay is excellent for drawing a line between confusing concepts and thinking they serve the same function.

For example, many people think that art and science came from the same discipline, and therefore they serve almost identical purposes. Your job is to draw a line between these sciences and comprehensively demonstrate their similarities and differences. But if you are too lazy to understand all the details, you have no time or energy, and the deadline is creeping up little by little, you can entrust this task to the online essay writing service professionals. Our writers can complete academic work of any complexity within the specified time frame. Furthermore, we take care of our clients and their safety, all data remains confidential, and you can fully control the progress of your work.

How to properly structure an essay

When structuring a comparison essay, you need to know how you will review each of the elements of the comparison. You have three options to choose from:

  • Block method-when, you reveal the first one and then another comparison item in turn
  • The alternating method – where you highlight an aspect of the comparison and compare these things by it, then move on to the following comparison feature and do the same thing, point by point
  • Similarities and Differences-when you look at all the similarities of the items in the first paragraph and all their differences in the next

To make it easier for you to start working on your essay, you should follow these steps:

  • Have a brainstorming session – you need to think and make notes of your ideas about the similarities and differences of the subject matter. You can use a Venn diagram to make this easier to do. Write out two objects on a piece of paper and start listing their characteristics. Eventually, you will find what they have in common and what they have that is different. Of course, it will also be helpful to study some credible sources on the subject
  • Preparation – decide which method of structuring a comparison you will choose in your essay
  • Draft – this is a great way to cross out all the bad ideas and improve the version of your final essay each time
  • Review – when you look at your draft not in a stream of thought, but after you finish it, you can better see areas where you should make adjustments
  • Redacting – carefully search your text for lexical, punctuation, and grammatical errors

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